Do Your Leaders Only Have Half of What They Need to Be Effective?

 We believe leaders need both leadership skills and executive presence.

Thus, we take a different approach to leadership development. We align leadership competencies with the qualities of executive presence, developing “whole” leaders.

There Is A Bigger Picture And WE See It

Our Approach

Traditional approaches to development that focus only on competency models are insufficient for organizations that face a world that is complex and unpredictable and that demands leaders who hold their own with other talented and strong-will people. 

Our Approach

For example, leaders may develop the skills and capabilities to do the job, but without executive presence they often lack the confidence to command a room, excite people’s imagination and express ideas to influence decisions.

Our Approach

By taking a holistic approach and establishing a connection between leadership competencies and the qualities of executive presence, we have been able to connect the dots and identify the essential skills and capabilities that leaders with a track record of success possess.

We work with leaders to close the gap between their leadership competencies and executive presence and align their behaviors with the professional brand presence you want them to develop and exemplify.

Our Solutions Align Leadership Competencies With Executive Presence

What We Do

Whether you have aspiring corporate stars or seasons veterans whose careers have plateaued, our approach has proven successful in advancing leaders’ careers, building a strong talent pipeline and achieving success for your organization.

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