A Balanced Approach To Leadership Development

Leadership Competencies


Executive Presence

of respondents ranked Executive Presence and Influencing Skills as the second most frequently covered topics covered across all coaching engagements.

*Conference Board 2016 Global Coaching Survey

A Balanced Approach

Develops More Talent

Let’s face it. To be seen as a leader who can confidently express ideas and influence others to act, your leaders need more than intellectual horsepower and leadership skills—They need Executive Presence.

Without the gravitas to command a room and excite people’s imaginations, they have limited effectiveness to engage others and drive results.

And that’s why I take a different and balanced approach to development—I focus on Leadership Competencies and Executive Presence.  Together they are very powerful.

I Focus On The Whole Package

By focusing on the whole package, I help to deepen and broaden their capabilities by assessing, developing and integrating their leadership competencies with the often overlooked but essential qualities of executive presence.

The result? Leaders can advance their careers, and you can deliver a strong talent pipeline for your organization.




Based on my extensive experience coaching C-suite, mid-to senior level executives and high potentials, consulting to global Fortune 500 organizations, and drawing on the best available evidence from research, I have developed a framework for leaders to develop essential leadership competencies and the qualities of executive presence.

This framework consistently has proven effective for a leader’s development, career advancement and increasing the organization’s bench strength.

What is Executive Presence?

Contrary to what you may have heard, executive presence isn’t charm school. Nor is it a matter of performance or IQ.

Rather, it’s a blend of qualities and traits that successful people communicate when they interact with others and has a huge impact on how they’re perceived.  It’s how they show up and how they make others feel. Think of it as a person’s personal brand.

The Center for Talent Innovation, in their broad definition of executive presence, include: how you act (Gravitas), the way you speak (Communication), and how you look (Appearance).

These three components often interact with and influence each other. For example, if your speaking skills enable you to command a room, your gravitas grows; on the other hand, if your presentation is rambling or your appearance is unprofessional, your gravitas suffers.

Executive presence isn’t a nice-to-have, but a must-have for your leaders to be successful.

Why Executive Presence
Always Matters

Executive presence is critical to the success of your leaders and your organization, because it’s often the determining factor during talent reviews that differentiate competent leaders from those who are identified as competent and “ready now” for the next level.

Executive presence alone doesn’t ensure a leader’s success but without it, even top performers are at a disadvantage.


Can You Develop Executive Presence?

Absolutely! Some are lucky enough to be born with it. Those who aren’t born with it have recognized the value of it, and they are committed to developing the qualities of executive presence that leaders with a track record of success possess.


“I’ve worked with Joyce as an executive coach, leadership consultant and process facilitator both at Avon and XL Catlin. Joyce is great to work with and has an easy, open and collaborative style that helps her to quickly gain credibility and build relationships. She successfully on-boarded a senior executive and facilitated an offsite with the leader and his new team. She had a deep understanding of the leader’s style, responsibilities, team challenges and organizational expectations, which helped her to be in the best possible position to be effective.”

Lauren TateSVP, Sr. HR Business Partner at XL Catlin

“Joyce was my coach when I participated in a high potential development program early in my career. I had a positive and successful experience working with Joyce and when I managed an extremely bright and talented individual whose career was not advancing, I didn’t hesitate to call her. His inability to command a room, look the part, and confidently express himself to key stakeholders was holding him back during talent reviews. After working with Joyce, his confidence increased and his newly attained gravitas enabled him to speak with authority and influence others. This got the attention of key decision makers and he was promoted. His career continues to be on the fast track.”

Anne SimmonsSVP CIT

“Joyce is a highly experienced leadership consultant, executive coach and facilitator. She asks tough questions and isn’t afraid to challenge participants. She has a terrific personality, great sense of humor, and an engaging and disarming style, which helps establish a strong sense of trust. I hired Joyce to debrief 360 feedback/assessments as part of our leadership program. She also delivered a series of management development programs, which were very successful. We were able to see results because her approach is practical and participants were able to apply what they learned in real time. Joyce is one of my “go to people” and I would highly recommend her.”

Jack GordonHead of Organizational Development Citizens Financial Group

“I worked with Joyce during my time at McGraw Hill. She is an exceptional coach and excels at developing high performing teams. She supported the organizational redesign of our department, which entailed having new groups of individuals work effectively together. Joyce also provided individual coaching to team members to support their development. As a result of her talent and effort, members of the department were well aligned to the business goals and worked well together to achieve them. Her work was key to our division’s success.”

Kate CassinoGM, CEO, Data Monetization & Digital Strategy Development

“Joyce is highly intuitive, has a deep understanding of human behavior and quickly assessed the issues that I needed to address. Working with Joyce as my coach, made me aware of how I could manage myself better and thus manage others better. I became aware of my interpersonal style and was able to know when to modify certain behaviors to be more effective. It has stood the test of time. I continue to refer back to what I learned during the time I worked with Joyce and it provides me with the continued guidance in my life.”

David LesterCEO at NIESM Pty Ltd. Australia

“Joyce was my transition coach when I was promoted to a leadership role as president of XL Catlin’s NA Property and Engineering Division. She helped me to see the benefits of focusing on bigger picture issues and less on “doing” by leveraging the talents of my team. I am more aware that, as a leader, I don’t have to have all the answers as well as the importance of getting things done through others. Joyce also helped me to see the benefits that being more mindful and reflective has on overall leadership effectiveness. Joyce was and continues to be an valued sounding board.”

Michele SansonePresident of Property and Engineering XL Catlin

“I hired Joyce to facilitate a team building session for our senior management team, including using the MBTI. Many people say they know the MBTI and all its nuances but Joyce really does. I knew I needed someone who is knowledgeable about the instrument but also someone I could trust to lead a highly diverse and demanding team with tact and professionalism. Joyce immediately put the team at ease finding opportunities to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones and share information that ultimately would help them to be a more effective team.”

Gail ThakararChief People Officer at Energy Focus Inc.

A Balanced Approach
Develops More Talent