Working in human resources at Citibank taught me a very valuable lesson: It’s all too easy for highly intelligent and talented people to have their career plateau. And I wondered what was holding them back?

It became apparent to me that these talented people had one thing in common: they lacked executive presence—a combination of how a person acts, speaks and looks.

And I realized the importance executive presence plays in advancing a person’s career and an organization’s success.

I left Citibank to start a global executive presence consultancy. I traveled throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia to speak and consult to executives at Fortune 500 companies on how they can enhance their leadership presence.

But as I worked with these leaders, I came to realize that executive presence, while critical, wasn’t enough.

To be seen as a leader who could confidently influence others across organizational levels, leaders need both well-developed leadership skills, as well as executive presence.

I started Grillo Leadership and have consulted to global Fortune 500 companies on the most balanced way to develop talentby integrating leadership competencies with the qualities of executive presence.